My Vision & Foundation

My Full Digital Marketing Agency Internal Blueprint – The Foundation

Earlier this December, I had the privilege of attending an exclusive business retreat up in the Utah mountains, hosted by a young, extremely successful self made millionaire and CEO of an investment firm. Before the retreat, I had to do some reflection about my marketing agency, my vision for it, and how I was actually going to execute. I want to share with you that vision, where I fit in, and were we’re headed as a company. It’s all from the lens of me (the CEO) and it was the culmination of about a full years worth of iteration, hard learned lessons, and somewhat painful discoveries. Everything I build from this point forward is a further iteration of this vision.

If you’re building your own business, it’ll also provide you with some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes at my business. I hope you find some value, and if you know anyone who could use this, please share and comment! If you have input and have been in my situation before, I’d also love to hear from you.


My Vision:

  • For Just Digital Inc to be the #1 digital marketing and creative agency for small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s)
  • To simplify the chaos digital can be for small & medium size businesses.
  • Serve as the CEO for Just Digital Inc over the next 5 years, then replace & remove myself.

My Why & Purpose

1) We want to help as many businesses succeed as possible. business owners are passionate people who love what they do, and will do whatever it takes to succeed, but they need guidance and help. On a personal level, I just love being around passionate people who are striving for success and are improving the lives of others through their business and resources.

2) I’m fascinated by communication, (marketing) and being able to communicate your message, idea, value of your product and service. Perception (branding), knowing who you are and why you do what you do (identity), and persuasion, influence and getting people ultimately accept whatever it is your communicating (the sale).

3) Its a challenge. It stretches what I thought was possible for myself. It allows me to keep learning and fueling my mind. I love solving problems, improving things.

4) Desire for success: Learning to build something from zero and be able to impact millions.

5) Learn & develop the skills to succeed in my future endeavors. My lives mission is to give other people, especially children and the Latino community, the hope and inspiration that it can be done. That they can make a difference, build something from nothing, and design a better future for themselves through entrepreneurship.

Strategy & Goals

Right now, we work with established small businesses that are already successful, but know they need to bridge the gap when it comes to digital. They need strategy, training/ education, and execution. Our main goals are:

  • Build the agency to $10,000,000 yearly revenue within the next 5 years.
  • Build an efficient and passionate team that produces exceptional results for our clients. Our core team will consist of:
    1. Dedicated expert for each industry to create strategy for clients, and to market to that specific industry.
    2. A team of creative and technical talent to execute
    3. Our core team will be in house, and we’ll increase production capacity by building an efficient virtual team.
  • Revenue model is: A combination of fixed fee projects, ongoing clients, and training/ coaching programs programs (for business owners and/or for their employees). There are 2 major components to our revenue model
    1. Service: Actually doing work and executing for clients. It’s the bulk of our revenue now. Our price points are $25,000, $12,500, $7500, $3750. Our core services are
      1. Complete strategy/ consulting
      2. Web and brand foundation packages
      3. Digital marketing (primarily marketing automation and inbound marketing),
      4. Media & content production
    2. Expert: Create training programs to help empower our clients when it comes to digital marketing.
      1. Membership sites & online training courses.
      2. Hands on training & consulting
  • Our client acquisition and marketing strategy is:
    • Strategic partnerships with key industry influencers.
    • Inbound & content marketing: Educational videos, articles.
    • Speaking in non-marketing industry events.
    • Outbound and direct sales:
  • There are several things we’ll do in the future to hit our revenue goals. In a future post, I might publish our sales goals and how we’re going to hit our milestones towards $10,000,000.

My Top Three To Thrive:

  • Build a beast team
  • Predictable income stream & cashflow: Need to innovate service lines, improve monthly client service offerings,
  • Increase Influence = Increase sales

One Year Goals

  • $1,000,000 in revenue
  • Have operations systemized and delegated.
  • Increase our production capacity to 100 clients a year.
  • Efficient team. Have the core leadership team in place. Ideal company structure is:

90 Day Goals

  • Define target industries & improve core services
  • Finish production & operational systems & processes
  • Improve/ finish sales processes
  • Operations/ account manager in in place
  • Key relationships and partnerships established
  • 25 new clients

Who I Am

I firmly believe entrepreneurs make the biggest difference in our society. I want to be known for helping develop entrepreneurs, and helping more entrepreneurs run successful businesses. My strengths are in acquiring more customers & increasing revenue through sales & marketing.

What I Want Our Company to be Known For

I want our company to be known for results, creativity, solving problems, and providing long lasting partnerships with our clients. I want us to be the company that helps small businesses reigning the passion, drive growth, and thrive in this new economy.

The Resources We Have

The beauty of entrepreneurs is that they know how to create something out of nothing. All most people see are problems, entrepreneurs see opportunities. I started this with absolutely nothing, but now we’ve finally amassed a few resources that will help drive this growth.

  • The biggest one hustle: The desire, tenacity and relentlessness to pursue a purpose and succeed in our mission.
  • Existing clientele & past happy clients: We have a little under 75 clients we’ve done work for since I started 3 years ago. Now its our job to continue delivering value for them. Not all those clients are big clients nor did we do big projects for them.
  • Systems & Processes: I’ve made a big emphasis this year to put systems in place to help with streamline production. We still need to fully complete these but we’ve made massive progress.
  • Marketing Strategies & processes for clients: We put each client through a process that gives them clarity and helps them to achieve maximum results
  • Technology: Automated CRM, Project Management Software, creative software, production workstations (computers), production equipment (cameras etc). Access to over $250k of high end video and photography production equipment. Everything needed for web development (hosting, reseller accounts etc)
  • I’m working on developing a team & there’s people wanting to be a part of Just Digital. Full time, as of this post, it’s only me, and my assistant Jenny. We’re working on 2 more full time hires these next 3 months.
  • Great freelancers I’ve worked with in the past. Here’s who we have now (on a freelance basis but want to transition to full time):
    • Me: Sales, Strategy, Web & design (need to replace ASAP)
    • Ian Wells: Cinematographer & Editor
    • Lawrence: Photographer & Graphic Designer

Resources Needed:

  • Capital for salaries & clearly defined positions based on our needs.
  • WordPress designer/ developer with digital marketing knowledge (funnels, conversion optimization, lead generation etc)
  • Director of Operations aka Project/ Account Manager
  • Management systems, operations person/ partner
  • What I need to learn: how to structure a company thats built for optimal growth and scale.

Our Team Structure

This was something I’ve been working on for a bit, but the structure might change a bit depending on the chemistry of our first few hires. Some people might fit 2 or more roles.

  • Leadership Team: CEO, Operations (makes sure things keep running smoothly)
  • Industry Experts/ Strategists: People dedicated to 3-5 industries max, that have working knowledge of our clients industries. They will serve as our strategy consultants and account managers. (They fit the traditional sales and account management roles)
  • Creative Team: Designers, media (video & photography), writers, etc

Final Notes:

In future posts, I’ll break down each section in further detail, and make improvements as we move along. I’m hoping nobody actually reads these posts, because at a certain point, you could probably just copy everything we’re doing, improve on it, and build a beast business. It’s literally everything I use to run my business aka my business plan. 2 things that comfort me are: #1) Adding as much value as possible is something that is guaranteed to come back 10x IF you do without expecting anything in return. In doing these posts, I have no grand plan besides helping other people avoid some mistakes I’ve made. #2) Execution is extremely underrated in entrepreneurship. All the ideas, plans and strategies are WORTHLESS unless you execute, and executing is freaking hard.

I’m publishing this on the last day of 2014, based on my current situation and experience, this is the best action plan my little lizard brain can think of 🙂 Things will undoubtedly change, I’ll probably look back a year later and see just how over my head I was, but thats ok. It’s just part of the journey.

Yours in success,
Hugo Fernandez // CEO Just Digital Inc.,