Tools For Your Marketing and Creative Agency

The Marketing and Creative Agency Essentials – Everything I Use to Run My Marketing Agency

These tools (mostly software and vendors) are meant to help you keep your agency running nice and smooth. For a list of recommended readings click here. For a list of tools to make your life as the CEO and owner of the biz, and to help you develop yourself, click here. For creative resources and marketplaces, click here.

Dropbox: I typically use this for all of our working files with my team.

Google Drive: This is hands down what I use for all my documents, and larger files. It’s not 1999. Stop using Microsoft office. It’s not 2009, stop using pages and numbers. Most of my delivery for client projects is done through Google Drive. With 15GB of storage, I don’t have to worry about running out of space (for the most part). If you need more space, their rates are still better than dropbox.

Podio: The best project management software in the world, hands down. I’ve tried Asana, Basecamp, and everything else. This integrates with literally everything else, and has an open API if you cant find an out of the box integration (very rare)

Evernote: Store your brain here. Your brain will thank you.

Quickbooks: Keep track of your money, make sure you’re consistently growing, and you’re consistently staying profitable.

Infusionsoft: Small Business CRM and Automation tool for sales, marketing, fulfillment, and operation systemization. Automate everything in your business, and make sure you keep your systems consistent so you can deliver exceptional service every time.

Leadpages: Build really quick and easy landing pages for marketing campaigns. It’s amazing! The downside for most creatives, designers, and programmers is, it doesn’t even let you modify the padding or margin on elements. You can only replace content, change simple styles like colors and fonts, and hide sections. Not coding. The upside is, its quick, easy, and gets massive results (which is all that really matters). You can create pretty stuff after you make some money!

Sidekick by Hubspot: Everyday email tracking

Bluehost: Our clients are Small businesses with basic needs, so we host almost every site on here. All the heavy lifting is done with a CRM of the clients choice.

Namecheap: Buy cheap domains (under $11), and even cheap hosting for those small projects. You can get hosting for $9.95 your first year! When you get the project off the ground, I recommend getting a host like Bluehost or Media Temple.

Adobe Creative Cloud: If you’re running pirated software, STOP! The few dollars you spend a month will make your life 10x easier. The updates, integrated suite, and collaboration tools are freaking awesome. See my amazon hack below.

Other Great Tools and Resources:

Amazon Prime: It’s worth it! Quick hack (don’t tell Amazon) I still have my student email, so I locked in a few years at half the cost. Most subscriptions dont really verify enrollment.