How We Build Sites For Clients – Development

Where We Develop

Most of the web design projects we do are Wordpress theme-based and quick production/ turnaround. Our client is staying in the loop and seeing a working site as we move the project along. Developing on a local computer doesn’t make much sense, it adds extra steps of having to deal with relaying information to our clients, and we also try to avoid site migrations as much as possible. Whenever possible, we develop on the clients hosting. If not, we develop on our own hosting account, then send the url to the client to stay up to date with progress and provide necessary feedback.

Develop on clients site or subdomains

For heavy and longer development projects, we do develop locally or use Github. It really depends on your needs, and for our clients (small businesses), this makes sense. It also depends on the savviness of your team. Our shop doesn’t call for strong development skills to thrive, it calls for a strong marketing and design sense. So teaching a designer how to use Github (at least for now) hasn’t been a great investment of my time. To be honest, I don’t use it much either, besides my Ruby buddy that likes pointing out the fact that I’m not really a programmer. As our shop evolves, so will our development process.

Things to consider. Keep track of what sites you have on each subdomain. If you’re using the clients domain, then your project manager should help track that.