Everyday Email Tracking with Hubspot Sidekick

“I didn’t get your email, can you resend it?” 

We’ve all sent emails where we wish we knew if they received it or not.

CRM’s and email marketing softwares like Infusionsoft, Mailchimp or Constant Contact have the ability to track wether someone opened an email, clicked the links, the location where they opened it from, what device, and other useful data, but they aren’t built for everyday usage. Stuff like sending a regular email, delivering Dropbox files, sending a video link, proposals etc.

So the creators of Hubspot recently released a new tool called Sidekick, not to be confused with the early 2000’s cell phone.


It’s a great tool that comes as a chrome extension, and can also install on your favorite email clients. We started using it in client communications and it’s helped us tremendously. No more sending follow up emails of “did you get xyz?”.

If we send our clients a link to a tutorial video on how to update their WordPress website, we can see when they opened it, from what device, how many times they opened it, and if they clicked on the link. If we notice that they clicked on the link multiple times, but haven’t update their site, then we know that they may have trouble understanding the video, logging in, etc, and we can be more helpful when we call them or send a follow up email.

If we send out a longer email, or a longer document for review (proposal, contract, revisions), and they open it on their phone, we know they probably haven’t had a chance to review it in full detail, and we can time our follow up emails accordingly.

Try it out and let me know what you think! I love it so far, and it’s just another tool for running a better marketing agency.

Try Sidekick Here